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Crockada is a townland in South-Eastern County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.


  • 1833 - Cnoc Eadar Da Greuchor plains ". Gréuch "a moor f - J O'D (OSNB), B133 B67
  • 1833 - Cnoc Eadar Da i.e. "hill between 2 greaghs or mou - J O'D (OSNB), B133 B67
  • 1869 - Cnoc-edar-da-ghreuch the hill between two marshy - Joyce, i 252, 1869

Crockada (Irish: Cnoc Eadar) means "hill between two Creaghs or mountain flats"

There is a townland in the parish of Clones of the name Crookada. It was to a very late period called CROC EADAR DA CHREUCE, i.e. hill between two Creaghs or mountain flats. A branch of the Cassidys the ancient physicians of Fermanagh reside here yet, and hold a considerable portion of the mountain. About 40 years ago Luke Cassidy, the father of the present farmer of CROC EADAR, came to the house of his landlord Mr. Madden of Spring-Grove in the parish of Clones to pay his rent.

On coming up to the hall door Luke was met by Lord Erne, Mr Madden's brother-in-law. who asked him where he was going. Cassidy replied, "I am going to give justice."

"Are you a magistrate'?". exclaimed his Lordship in surprise. "No," replied Cassidy Lord Erne: "How is it possible that a man in your garb can distribute justice!" Cassidy: "Justice is not always given by men well-dressed! Lord Erne: "And what sort of justice are you going to give?" Cassidy: "I am going to give my Land-lord his rent, is that not giving him justice." Lord Erne: "Upon my honour it is, Sir, will you give it to me?" Cassidy: "I will sir, provided you give me a receipt and spell the name of the townland in which I live. Lord Erne. "What is the name of the townland my gay fellow?" Cassidy: CROC EADAR DHA CHREUCE: Sir. now spell it for me. Lord Erne: Cruck, addur, waw. Cassidy: No! No! it is not waw, but DHA: Try it again. Lord Erne: Cruck-eddur gaw. Cassidy: No! No! bee mee shoul dat wont spell it. you must give it the real (rale) ould lrish twang before I pay you me monie.

By this time Mrs. Madden came to the door and brought news to the company who were about to sit down to dinner, that one of Mr. Madden's tenants from the mountain was teaching Lord Erne how to spell! Upon which Mr. Madden himself came out and received the rent from Cassidy of CROC EADAR DA CHREUCH.

Luke often told this with great humour to Con O'Neill of Rosslea, who told it to me with great humour and Milesian wit. The name is now shortened to Cruckada, upon which spelling I have decided, though I should be very anxious to preserve the descriptive one of Crockadderdagreagh, or at least, Crockadder.

—John O'Donovan, November 24th 1834

Cassidy Family

The Cassidy family from Crockada can be traced back many generations. It is believed that William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, can be linked back to this townland via his grandmother and the Cassidy connection. If anyone has more information regarding this link please write to us so we can include it here.