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  | caption_bathymetry =  
  | caption_bathymetry =  
  | location = [[County Fermanagh]], [[Northern Ireland]]
  | location = [[County Fermanagh]], [[Northern Ireland]]
  | coords = {{coord|54|17|20|N|7|50|0|W|type:waterbody_region:GB|display=inline,title}}
  | coords = 54|17|20|N|7|50|0|W|
  | type = [[Freshwater]]
  | type = [[Freshwater]]
  | inflow =  
  | inflow =  

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Lower Lough MacNean
Lower Lough MacNean - Looking towards Jinny's Island
Looking towards Jinny's Island
Location County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
Coordinates 54
Lake type Freshwater
Primary  outflows Arney River
Basin  countries Northern Ireland
Islands Cushrush Island, Jinny's Island

Lough MacNean (Irish : Loch Mac nÉan Íochtair) is a large, freshwater lake in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The lake is fed by a small river which flows from Upper Lough MacNean into the lake at a bridging point near the village of Belcoo. The lake then empties into the Arney River.

The lake contains two islands, Cushrush Island is the larger of these and it has been extensively farmed, there is also Inishee or Jinny's Island which is smaller and is completely forested. A causeway was built out to Cushrush Island in the 1960s to allow animals to be moved more easily out to the land on the island.

Cushrush Island appears to have been inhabited since the Mesolithic period as there have been many deposits of microlithic flint tools found upon the island.

The shape of Lough MacNean was changed dramatically during the 1960s when a major draining operation took place, the lake was used for Eel fishing before this but dredging during the drainage process decimated their numbers.

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