Magheraveely National School

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Magheraveely National School was also known as 'Midhill Country School'. The school itself was not actually in the village of Magheraveely, but out the Newtownbutler road.

School Photo 1939/40

Magheraveely National School 1930's

Front Row - Herbie Leary, Harry Whiteman, Cecila McCabe, Peggy Rea, Eileen Rea, Whinnie Forster, Peggy West, Jack McCleary.

2nd Row - John Whiteman, Jack Leary, Carrie Balfour, Eileen Kennedy, Peggy McCabe, Edie Costley, Vera Leary, Madge Egerton, Addie Forster, John West, Jimmy Whiteman, Jack Forster.

3rd Row - Berie Armstrong, Joe Leary, Cecil Nicholl, Jim Egerton, Jack Whiteman, Bob Blakely, Vincent West, Mary Mccabe, Violet Forster, Pheobe Whiteman, Marie Mulligan, Sally Forster, Mary West.

4th Row - School Mistress Curry, George Kennedy, Desmond West, Dolly Forster, Jane Armstrong, Whinne Balfour, Eileen Tynan, Violet Tynan, Belinda Rea, Lila Whiteman, Annie Robinson, Nan McGovern, Elsie Kennedy, Eileen Ballagh, Mary Nicholl, Emily Johnston, School Master Curry.

5th Row - Donald Wilson, George Blakely, Neville West, Jim Wilson, Bobbie Rea, Eric McCleary, Joe West, Jack Armstrong, Ena Doonan, Bridget McGovern, Josie Creighton, Elmor Blakely, Willie Nicholl, Willie Robinson.

School Photo ????

Magheraveely National School

Not sure, when this was taken, or who is in it! If you know please let us know!!