Meaning of Aghadrumsee

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There are a two different translations for the townland of Aghadrumsee. One is based on historical evidence gathered from historic documents, the other based on mythology. Please see below:

Dr Pat McKay, Northern Ireland Place-Name Project:
The earliest spelling (from the Escheated Counties Map of 1609) has 'Aghadromsillagh' and that the representation of the final element as '-sillagh' (with variations) is pretty universal in these 17th century versions (mainly taken from the Ulster Inquisitions).

The third last version (in Latin) says 'Aghi-Dromsilla cognoscitur per nomen de Aghadromsy', i.e. 'Aghi-

Dromsilla known by the name of Aghadromsy', suggesting that by that time 'Aghadromsy' had come to be used as a shortened form of the original place-name.

The evidence is therefore overwhelming in favour of 'Achadh Droim Saileach', i.e. 'field of the ridge of the sally trees'.

References to Historical Evidence
Old Form Page Reference Date
Aghadromsillagh 1 & a third tat. (Jas I J.Sedborough) Car.1 $55 col.a 1613?
Aghadromsilloughe (tenant Clynton Mawnd) Car.I $55 col.c 1641?
Aghdromsillagh Esch. Co. Mapo 1609
Aghdromsillagh 1 & third tate ( Sedborough manor) 257a 1613
Aghe-Dromsyllaghe (Sudborroughe Edw' Sipthorpe) Car.I $55 col.b 1613?
Agherdromsilloughe (in poss' R.Allen & F.Teate) Car.I $55 col.b 1641?
Aghi-Dromsilla cognoscitur per nomen de Aghadromsy Car.I $55 col.c 1641?
Ahadromsyllaghe (Sudborroughe Hug' McArt Maguire) Car.I $55 col.a 1613?
Ashdrumsie Census 1659

With regard to other interpretations of place-names they are often unreliable, not being based on the kind of historical evidence which we have to hand on our database. In some cases they seem to be taken from John O'Donovan's interpretations in the Ordnance Survey Name Books which, admirable as they are, are not based on the historical evidence which is now available.

Another translation of Aghadrumsee:
The name Aghadrumsee (Irish: Átha Droim Sí) is derived from the Gaelic Agha (field) Droim (hillock) Sidhe (fairy) and roughly translates as "field of the fairy hillock".

According to this page on Irish place names agha means field and droim means hillock. The Sidhe were a mythical people, as in bean sídhe (Banshee). Some dispute whether 'sidhe' refers to the people or the hillock they were supposed to have lived in, in either case Aghadrumsee roughly translates as 'field of the fairy hillock'.