Plantation in the Barony of Clankelly

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During the plantation of the Barony of Clankelly in 1610-1611 there were 6 allotments of land.

Allotment 1 - Trinity College

The largest allotment was to Trinity College of over 10,000 acres. A substantial portion of this was leased to form the Madden estate known to us as Springrove.

Allotment 2 - Sir Hugh Worrall

Sir Hugh Worrall was granted 1000 acres to be known as the which is a bit confusing as the centre of his holding here was Rathmoran and it was only later that the Haire family revived the Armagh Manor name.

Allotment 3 - Thomas Flowerdew

Thomas Flowerdew likewise had 1000 acres which became the Shannock Manor.

Allotment 4 - Robert Bogas

Robert Bogas had 1000 acres centred on Cloncarn but soon sold this to Edward Hatton. In 1629, a re-grant was made to Edward Hatton and this became the Manor of Knockballymore which was inherited by Lord Erne.

Allotment 5 - John Sedborough

John Sedborough was granted 1000 acres which centred on the townland of Rateen originally called the Manor of Latgir but later Mount Sedborough.

Allotment 6 - Robert Calvert

Robert Calvert was granted 1000 acres centred on Gortgunan (Gortgommon) This property he sold in 1629 to Bishop Heygate. It became the Manor of Heygate (Highgate).