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Location {{{location}}}
Group {{{group}}}
Coordinates {{{coords}}}
Lake type {{{type}}}
Primary  inflows {{{inflow}}}
Primary  outflows {{{outflow}}}
Catchment  area {{{catchment}}}
Basin  countries {{{basin_countries}}}
Managing agency {{{agency}}}
Designation {{{designation}}}
Built {{{date-built}}}
Max. length {{{length}}}
Max. width {{{width}}}
Surface area {{{area}}}
Average depth {{{depth}}}
Max. depth {{{max-depth}}}
Water volume {{{volume}}}
Residence time {{{residence_time}}}
Shore  length1 {{{shore}}}
Surface  elevation {{{elevation}}}
Frozen {{{frozen}}}
Islands {{{islands}}}
Sections/sub-basins {{{sections}}}
Settlements {{{cities}}}
References {{{reference}}}
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.
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