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July 16. 555. Grant to the Protost, Fellows, and Scholars of ActaEegia TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN. PRO., ' After setting forth the various subdenominations of Tooaghie, Ireland. in the county of Armagh, and of Slutmulroney, in the county of Fermanagh, and of Kilmacrenan, in the county of Donegal, which had been granted to the provost, fellows, and scholars of Trinity College, Dublin, by lettei's patent of the 29th of August, in the eighth year of the King's reign, all erected into one manor called the manor of Kilmacrenan, with a court baron to be held before the seneschal, and reciting then-surrender of this court baron, and the King's letters of 27th June 1614, he (the King) now erects the lands into three separate manors, the lands of Tooaghie, in the county of Armagh, to be made the manor of Tooaghie ; those of Slutmulroney to be made the manor of Slutmulroney, those of Kilmacrenan to be the manor of Kilmacrenan, each with a court baron. Witness the Deputy.

Calendar of the state papers, relating to Ireland, of the reign of James I. 1603-1625

The "Manor of Slutmulroney" came into being by order of King James I in 1614.

Manor of Slutmulrooney, Co. Fermanagh, the property of Edward Madden, as tenant of Trinity College, Dublin.

In ???? the estate was renamed and became Springgrove Estate


Slutmulrooney [Irish:Sliocht Mac Maol Ruanaigh]

Historic Maps

The 1609 Bodley Map of the Barony of Clankelly (Baronie of Clancally), includes the manor.

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