Corflugh is a townland in South-East County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

Area 89:2:15


1833 - Corr Fliuch "wet round hill" - J O'D (OSNB), B133 B67 1837 - Corflugh - Tithe Applotment Books

Corflugh is believed to mean "wet round hill"

Tithe Applotment Books 1837

Land Holder Area
Mary Mulligan 15-0-32
Phill Mulligan 5-3-23
Mick Mulligan 6-3-11
John Mulligan 6-0-19
James Manley 13-3-2
Ann & Patt Mulligan 5-3-31

Griffiths Valuation 1862

Occupier Lessor Tenement
John Mulligan Robert Mayne House, Offices & Land
Anne Mulligan Robert Mayne House & Land
Hannah Mulligan Robert Mayne House, Offices & Land
Unoccupied Hannah Mulligan House
Patrick Mulligan Anne Mulligan House & Small garden

1901 Census

Head of Family Landholder (if different)
Hugh Mulligan
Mary Anne Mulligan
Rose Mulligan
Catherine Mulligan Rose Mulligan

Surnames in 2005

  • McCabe