Derryheely is a townland in South-East County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.


  • 1722 - Derrycheely - Starrett's Surv. (OSNB) 52 B115
  • 1747 - Derrycheely - Reg. Free. Fer. 13
  • 1747 - Derrykeely - Reg. Free. Fer. 1
  • 1834c - "Doire Chaoluidhe" meaning "Keely's oak wood" - J O'D (OSNB) 52 B115
  • 1835 - Derryheely (quarry; Sir Arthur Brooke's holding) - OS Memoirs iv 19,23

Derrykeely (Irish:Doire Chaoluidhe) meaning "Keely's oak wood"

Stoney Hill

The South East of this townland is know locally as "Stoney Hill". In the OS Memoirs of 1835 this was probably the location of the quarry, but maybe referring to the larger and current quarry located in Slush Hill.

The Fee Family

This townland is local associated with the Fee Family. However, this family no longer resides in the townland.