Area 78:3:3 including 5 acres of water Killylackey Lough. Mount Sedborough Manor


Official spelling is Mullynalughoge, however other spellings exist as below. In Irish this townland means "hill of the mice"

Old Forms

  • 1609 - mollanelohog
  • 1613 - Mullanelohoge
  • 1629 - Mulleloghoge
  • 1641? - Mullaneloghoge
  • 1641? - Mullaneloghogie
  • 1641? - Mulloneloghoge
  • 1659 - Mullagheloghey
  • 1833 - Mullaigh na Luchóg "summit of the mice"
  • 1875 - "the summit of the mice"
  • 1913 - Mullaigh-na-luchog "hill of the mice"
  • 1999 - Mullach na Luchóg " hill of the mice"
  • 2004 - Mullach na Luchóg "hilltop of the mice"

Griffiths Valuation 1862

Occupier Lessor Tenement
William Nixon Rev John Richardson House, Offices & Land
Robert Johnston Rev John Richardson House, Offices & Land
James Johnston Rev John Richardson House, Offices & Land

1901 Census

Head of Family Landholder (if different)
Emily Johnston
Sarah McNair
Vacant Margaret Johnston

Surnames 2005

  • None

Former Residents

  • McClelland
  • Irwin

In 1966 Jim McClelland sold his farm and emigrated to Australia. This farm was purchased by the Forestry Commission and planted with conifer in 1969. These trees were harvested in 2001/02 and the land was planted with native species, oak, ash alder and willow. It is intended that this will become a nature reserve. When the trees mature, it should provide a nice autumn view across Killylackey Lough from the road and will complement the other nature conservation ideas the Killyfole and District Development Association hope to implement just over the hill around Killyfole Lough.