St Marks, Aghadrumsee


St Mark's, Aghadrumsee

54.2292912, -7.2775632
DenominationChurch of Ireland
ParishAghadrumsee Parish / Clones Parish
RectorCapt. David Hamilton


St. Marks Church and graveyard are located in the townland of Aghadrumsee.


The deed to grant the ground for the church and cemetery is dated 1st May, 1817. The petition to consecrate the church is dated 19th August 1824 and the actual ceremony took place the next day. The stone above the door reads "To the Glory of God 1820".

The Ecclesiastical Commissioners Report of 1836 states the church was erected in 1819 as a chapel of ease for Clones so it may be that the building was actually in use in 1820 or perhaps that was when the building got under way. The church was extended between 1834 and 1865 probably to include the present chancel. Up to 1872 there was no resident rector, the parish being administered as part of Clones parish. In that year, the select vestry, meeting in the school-house, were authorised to advertise for a Rector.

St. Mark's churchyard contains the unmarked grave of Charles Irwin V.C.

Church of Ireland Census 1823

In 1823 the Rev John Richardson completed a questionnaire sent to him by the Bishop of Clogher. The questionnaire sough to establish the names of families living in each townland, and other information such as who had bibles. This has become a great source of information about who was living in each townland at that time. The information has been recorded against the townland it concerns and lists the family name and how many sons/daughters. Although some information has been omitted this can be found in the original documents. Unfortunately, this only records information on members of the protestant Church of Ireland.

List of Rectors

  • Rev. A. Rea 1873-1875
  • Rev. R. Moffatt 1875-1880
  • Rev. G. Sullivan 1881-1914
  • Rev. W. Stack 1914-1916
  • Rev. L. Eccles 1916-1918
  • Rev. E. Ward 1918
  • Canon A.H. McCombe
  • Rev. W.W.Nash
  • Canon Edd Kille

The Rectory

The Rectory was sold to the Johnston family who now reside there.

Present Day

The parish was grouped with Clogh and Drumsnatt with Canon Edd Kille as rector.



Birth, Marriage and Burial records can be found on the IGP (County Fermanagh) website, or by going here - Church Records


The graveyard at St Marks, Aghadrumsee has been photographed and indexed. Those records can be found on the IGP (County Fermanagh) website of by going here - Gravestone Photographs

Some Questions

When was the former Rectory built? Who built it?

Where were people buried before the graveyard was available?

When was the schoolhouse built?

How was the money raised for these products?

Where did the materials come from?

Was the now demolished mill at Killyfole there before the church and school-house?


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